Structural and Civil Engineering Advices with Services as the PE (Civil) and PE  (Geotechnical)


a.   Steel and Concrete Hi-rise Structures (Residential (Condominium and landed), Industrial, Retail, Institution and Commercial Developments)


b.   Geotechnical and Infrastructural Developments (Deep and Shallow Foundations, Retaining Wall, Soil Improvement Works and Excavation Shoring Designs)


c.    Reclamation Works (Rock Revetment Stability, Shore Protection, Soil Improvement Works, Coastal Vertical Walls and Caisson Designs)


d.    Coastal Engineering (Marine Jetties, Coastal Protection, Breakwaters and Offshore Structures)

e.    Building Structure and Façade Integrity Inspection and Rectification Consultation, Including BCA Periodic Structural Inspection, Building Strengthening and Regularisation Works


Development Proposal Advices with Services as the Qualified Person (QP)


a.   Development Design Consultations and Authority Clearances Including Development Control, Building Plan, Environmental Impact Study, Structural Submission, TOP and CSC Stage


Environmental Engineering Design with Services as the Qualified Erosion Control Professional (QECP)


a.     Erosion Control Measures Design and Submissions as the Qualified Erosion Control Professional (QECP)


b.     Offshore and onshore Silt Plume Control Designs Including Turbidity Curtains Designs


c.   Traffic Control Plans including Road Diversions and Development Road Opening Accesses


Development Safety Advices with Services as the Design for Safety Professional


a.   Development Project Safety Control and Management as the Project Design for Safety (DfS) Professional


Construction Management


a.      Temporary Design Works to Ensure a Safe and Smooth Process of Construction


b.       Site Supervision as Professional Engineer and Qualified Site Supervisors for Quality Control Management of the Construction Site



Our Values

  • Our success is defined
    by the success of our Client’s projects


  • Highest level of
    integrity and professionalism in our conduct